Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Lady In White

Legend has it that hundreds of years ago there existed a young lady by the name of Genevieve Brownlee. Born into a wealthy Southern family, Genevieve was afforded all the luxury's available in the 19th century, but the one thing Genevieve longed for most, money could not buy.

You see, Genevieve was in love with a man by the name of Irving Bennett. Irving didn't exactly meet Genevieve's father's expectations as an acceptable suitor. Many attempts were made by Genevieve's family to keep the two apart, but the bond between the two was so strong that nothing would separate them, or so they believed.

On a cool autumn night in October the two hatched a plan to run away and be married. The moon was high, and full. The sky, black as ink. Genevieve wore a simple laced-adorned white dress, and took with her a bouquet made up of flowers carefully chosen from one of her mother's flower arrangements.

Genevieve ran as hard as she could in the direction of the meeting place Irving had chosen; she could hardly believe that in a few short hours she would be Mrs. Irving Bennett! With her heart feeling like it was going to beat out of her chest, she arrived at the clearing where Irving told her he would be waiting, but Irving wasn't there. Her intuition told her that something terrible had happened. During the duration of their clandestine relationship Irving had never failed to keep his word.

She hadn't waited long before she heard footsteps behind her. She turned expecting to see Irving, but instead came face to face with her father. He had blood on his shirt, and Genevieve collapsed in a heap on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably. "Irving isn't coming, Genevieve." Her father makes no attempt to console her, and simply turns and walks back in the direction in which he came.

No one ever saw Genevieve again. Some say she walked into the forest where she died of a broken  heart. Irving's body was found days later, a single gun wound through the heart cut his life short. Irving was buried not far from where he was supposed to meet Genevieve on that faithful night. Rumor has it that if you find yourself in that clearing on a cool night in October, when the moon is high and full, the sky an inky black, that you will see Genevieve. She will be wearing that same simple, lace-adorned dress.

In her left hand, she still clutches her wedding bouquet. The flowers once bright and alive, now dead, and wilted. She comes to visit the resting place of the man who will hold her heart for eternity.


  1. Oh this story is too sad! :( How heartbreaking! Beautiful post for the Halloween party!

  2. Very spooky, You should share this post with us for Haunted Humpday.

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  3. Ooooooooo!!!! Looooved that lady in white. Tragic love....

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  4. I love this..Oh so very spooky and sad.
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    Loved lady in white.
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  7. I do love a ghost story and you told it so perfectly. Happy Halloween and I'd love you to drop by my party for a cup of tea.

  8. What a great Southern love story. Sad and spooky all at once. Poor Genevieve and Irving.

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  9. Such a Haunting and sad tale!
    Thank you for sharing. Happy Halloween!

  10. So tragic and eerie. There's a road in the Midwest where locals have a similar story and how the haunted and heartbroken bride wanders the highway in her torn and faded wedding gown. She tries to get into the cars of young men. :(

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  11. Love these ghost stories, this one especially! Great pictures too!

  12. Oh poor, poor Genevieve! A brilliant story for Halloween, thank you for inviting me round :)

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