Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making It Spooky

I first saw the tutorial for the above display last year. Unfortunately it was too late in the season to make my own version so I filed it away with the intention of re-creating it this year.
Here is my adaptation:

I followed the tutorial almost specifically, except for a couple of minor changes. Instead of using balled up newspapers/leaves to stuff the "head",  I used 8" Polystyrene balls. I found this gave the ghosts heads a more unified shape. Also, instead of using packing tape where instructed, I used clear zip ties. Obviously, these are just the changes I made, and like. All tutorials are open to interpretation.

For the '"fire" we used cut pieces of branches to make a teepee shape, then used two strands of orange lights (found at Target) to wrap the shape.

This was a great afternoon project that I'm sure will go down as one of my favorite DIY projects of all time.


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