Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cutest Shop Ever

This past Saturday, my little sister graduated with a Master of Art degree in Sports Management, and this post should probably be about her great accomplishment. However, I don't know that she would appreciate me publishing pictures from her graduation ceremony for the world to view. Therefore, this post is going to be about a very cute, and very eclectic, shop we stopped in on our way home.

Anywhere that has a pink, plastic flamingo in the flower box has to be good.

I love love love the brightly painted flower pots, and the use of bowling balls for a garden border.

I have been wanting a bottle tree for years. This one was made from welded pieces of rebar. (If you aren't familiar with the history of bottle trees, you can read about them here.)

These pastel painted doors were out in the back of the shop. I'm not sure if they were merely for decoration or for privacy. Either way they fit in with the aesthetic of the shop perfectly.

Such great design/decorating ideas at every turn!

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