Friday, April 20, 2012

For The Birds


Stored in my memory bank are numerous "I'm going to try that" ideas/projects. Admittedly, few ever make it to fruition. Above is one example of a project I wanted to recreate but have yet to do so. However, it did serve as great inspiration for my own little yarn experiment. 

Earlier in the week I noticed a robin in the beginning stages of nest building. Never one to notice a nest in mid-construction I decided to see if I couldn't help him/her along. Using some leftover yarn, I cut pieces in various lengths and (had help) hanging them from several branches near the nest.  

A couple of days after hanging the yarn we noticed this.

She (or he) had woven one of the pieces into the nest! I would have preferred to have used a more brightly colored yarn, but the beige was all I could find.

This nest will hopefully make a great addition to my growing nest collection. (Once momma and baby bird's vacate, of course.)

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