Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Collection: Bird's Nests

Before I tell you a little about my bird's nests collection I wanted to go into a little detail as to why it has been a week since my last post.

Over the years, I have supported a handful of my favorite blogs by being a sponsor. On occasion, I would submit/donate a handmade item to be included in a giveaway on these blogs. Only recently did I consider offering a giveaway here on Whimsical Woodland.

It is disheartening that after an entire week I still have no entries. I have since changed the post from a "giveaway" to an "I made this" post in hopes of erasing the evidence of my failed attempt at a giveaway. I gave it a week which I thought was ample time to garner a response, and now I am moving on.

So now about that collection of nests.

I have collected/saved birds nests for quite a long time. At one time my collection was more expansive than it is currently. This in part to my method of storing these delicate items. (Storing nests in a barn is probably not the most intelligent thing I've ever done.)

So this is my collection currently. I have collected these nests from a variety of different places long after they had been abandoned. Some were found when cleaning out bird houses, others from low lying branches, but the majority were found in the yard after a storm had blown them from their perches.

I think it would be a fun little challenge to try and identify which nest belongs to which variety of bird.

These nests would look great displayed in something like this.


  1. I love found objects in nature. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. This is so sweet. It's so beautiful.