Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All About Hallows Eve

You might remember me mentioning in one of my earlier posts about signing up for Artsy Mama's "Sweet & Sinister Swap". I was partnered up with a great gal, Christine. (Her blog is definitely worth checking out, she is one very creative lady.) This week I received my swap box, and here is a glimpse of what she included.

You have no idea how much patience it took to get this shot when all I wanted to do was tear into it all. She wrapped everything so beautifully, using items I would have never considered. (i.e napkins and gauze) I did finally get to open it,  and I was so impressed/pleased with everything she included. I have yet to get a shot of everything since I've opened it, but it's definitely on my "to-do" list.

A couple of other Halloween notes:

* I have what I think is such a fun idea using this template.

* I am kind of bummed that my Ms. Havisham display more than likely isn't going to be happening this year.   I never realized how impossible it is to locate a mannequin. I probably should have started looking a little earlier.

* I still really need to pick out my pumpkin carving pattern already. (Here, here, and here are pictures of pumpkins past.)

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